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Single And Double Cuff Non-Iron White Satin Herringbone 100% Cotton Shirt

Price £60.00


Banish the iron! Wash and hang out to dry - that’s all you need to do. Our non-iron shirts are 100% cotton, in a variety of weaves from the finest poplin to the most luxurious twill. And they look and feel exactly the same as all the other shirts in our collection. Indistinguishable.


Shirt: Classic Fit.Double and single cuff. Cuff link facility on single cuff. Removable metal branded collar bones. Split Yoke. Double cuff - no pocket. Single cuff - left breast pocket. Twin pleat back. Machine washable.

Composition: 100% Cotton.

Sku: 7715HR - Single Cuff 35" Sleeve, 7715HL - Single Cuff 36.5" Sleeve, 7715HS - Single Cuff 33.5" Sleeve, 7719HL - Double Cuff 36.5" Sleeve, 7719HS - Double Cuff 33.5" Sleeve, 7719HR - Double Cuff 35" Sleeve

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