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Single And Double Cuff Non-Iron Blue Fine Stripe 100% Cotton Shirt

Price £60.00


Banish the iron! Wash and hang out to dry - that’s all you need to do. Our non-iron shirts are 100% cotton, in a variety of weaves from the finest poplin to the most luxurious twill. And they look and feel exactly the same as all the other shirts in our collection. Indistinguishable.


Double and single cuff. Cuff link facility on single cuff. Removable metal branded collar bones. Split Yoke. Double cuff - no pocket. Single cuff - left breast pocket. Twin pleat back. Machine washable.

Composition: 100% Cotton.

Sku: 7715NR - Single Cuff 35" Sleeve, 7715NL - Single Cuff 36.5" Sleeve, 7715NS - Single Cuff 33.5" Sleeve, 7719NL - Double Cuff 36.5" Sleeve, 7719NS - Double Cuff 33.5" Sleeve, 7719NR - Double Cuff 35" Sleeve

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